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Contentment is the feel of grass on bare feet.Contentment is the sweat dripping off your nose as you finish a hot day.Contentment is the look of pride on your Dad’s face as you complete a hard job.Contentment is your horses coming up to you in the field even if you didn’t call for them.Contentment isContinue reading “Contentment”

Introduction To Myself

I am 37 years old. A white male. Oldest son of 9 siblings.2nd oldest kid in the family.I write and/or blog as a way to practice being a serious writer. I weld as a side line. I work as a sticker stacker operator in the real world. I enjoy reading. I recently discovered Robert Greene.Continue reading “Introduction To Myself”

Overcoming Childhood Trauma

It’s a known fact that events from our childhood can effect our lives today. The effects can be negative, neutral or positive.So how does one reframe negative childhood experiences into a liberating positive experience??? The thing to remember is your parents also had the same problems ie having negative effects all their life. So byContinue reading “Overcoming Childhood Trauma”

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